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Top Tips for Recall

Part 1

Do you know that feeling of standing and shouting your dogs name at the top of your voice, only for your dog to completely ignore you in favour of the big wide world? Whether it is other dogs, people, wildlife or anything else it can be hugely frustrating when you dog doesn’t recall.

Whether you end up chasing them across an open field or retrieving them from another dog in  the dog park, it can feel demoralising and frustrating and just like your dog doesn’t listen to you.

Training a great reliable recall takes a little time but is completely doable, and by engaging in games based training you can have fun doing it too. Check out or top tips below to get you started

  • Ditch the bowl – by utilising your dogs daily food allowance to train them you increase their value in you and don’t need to worry about over-using treats
  • Feed them in proximity – feed you dog just for being near you, building this concept of proximity will teach your dog that the best place they can be is near you
  • Figure out what makes your dog tick – by knowing your dog you have a great place to start training them Get to know what they like best and least in tems of rewards – food, toys etc and also what is most distracting for them.
  • Have fun with your dog – play with food and toys, whatever it is your dog likes, play in lots of places and keep the energy up. Soon your dog will find you the most exciting thing to be around.

We work on concepts and make training fun for owners and dogs alike. Part 2 to follow soon - sign up to our newsletter to be notified when it is online. Check out our training packages to get started with some awesome fun training or get in touch to find out more.

Problems with Recall?

Hi! My name is Artie

I was abandoned and put in a rubbish bin in Crete! I was scared of everything when I first got to my new home, and although I loved my new people I couldn't deal with real world events. That is until we started playing really cool games that build my confidence, optimism, focus and recall.

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One to One Dog Training Packages

We truly believe training is an ongoing process that should never end nor should it ever be dull.

Puppy Package


  • One initial consultation
  • Four follow up consultations held at weekly intervals
  • Lifestage assessment and advice on diet, preventative healthcare and general care
  • Handling techniques to make your vet visits an easier time
  • Training journal and pen for you to make notes as we go
  • Start right training plans e-mailed after each lesson
  • Phone and e-mail support during the training periods
  • Exclusive access to training e-books
  • Training in you own home / garden or if suitable out on a walk
  • Start training whenever you are ready, no need to wait until your pup is up to date with vaccinations

Adolescents, Adults and Golden Oldies Package


  • Pre-assessment questionnaire
  • One initial consultation
  • Four follow up consultations at intervals to suit your needs
  • Personalised training plan at first consultation and e-mailed after every lesson
  • Training journal and pen for you to make notes as we go
  • Phone and e-mail support during the training periods
  • Exclusive access to training e-books
  • Training in you own home / garden or if suitable out on a walk
  • Build confidence in handling your dog and promote a healthier relationship
  • Common issues tackled include recall, pulling on the lead, over arousal with visitors, barking and much more

About Us

Silver Linings is a professional pet care and training service, provided by an advanced veterinary nurse, offering home visits, wedding day care and training sessions. We also offer tailor made services to suit your needs. Claire started Silver Linings to provide exceptional care and training for all pets and to...