Nurse Consultations £18 for 1 hour

These consultations are tailored to the individual and will include a basic health check, plus if required a nail clip and ear clean. Things we usually discuss include advice on nutrition, exercise and things to look for at certain lifestages. Specific advice and support in the management of ongoing conditions such as diabetes and epilepsy can also be included. Some consultations may require veterinary referral such as diabetes support. These are the most common consultations we offer but please ask if there is something specific you would like and if it is something we can help with we will endeavor to do so;

New Puppy or Kitten

·         Choosing a good diet

·         Preventative healthcare options

·         Enrichment, play and training

·         Toilet training

Ongoing Life Stage Consultation

·         Adulthood and Senior’s

·         How are their needs changing

·         Diet review

·         Exercsie, enrichment and play

·         Support with ongoing conditions 

Cat Care Consultation

These consultations are centred around providing enrichment and reducing anxiety / inter-cat conflict in your home. We look at your cat’s resources and their placement around the home and build a plan with you to promote further enrichment and wellbeing for your cat. Something as simple as where your cat is fed can affect their attitude.

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