We all know that vet Visits can be especially stressful for your dog, but there are a few things you can do keep your dog calmer and happier in this situation.

Number 1

If your dog needs space, just let the receptionsist know. Most vets will be happy for you to wait outside, or they may give you a quiet area or room to wait in, rather than the busy reception. Just let them kow and then they can inform you when the vet is ready for you and your pooch.

Number 2

Keep your dog close. Just because your dog is OK with other dogs normally doesn’t mean they will be in this high pressured, close proximity environment, and even if they are, other dogs might not be. Give your dog lots of praise and reward for staying close.

Number 3

If your dog is scared of something or doesn’t like having a particular area touched then let the vet know. They can’t always avoid these situations but if they know about it then they can make it easier on your dog.

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